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My wife and I always carry bear spray with us. There are many "Garbage Dump" bears that don't act like bears are supposed to. There are a lot of bear incidents occuring that are not made public. Two bears killed a Cosby Woman above Elkmont, I've been stalked up there myself, but he decided not to cross the river after my son joined me. Udap and Counterassault are two well known brands. Do a search of this forum and you will see a lot of threads.
We buy it in the Yellowstone area and keep it in our cars and under our bed when we return.
We carry "counterassault" (Reccommended by NFS personnel in Shonshone and Gallatin forests) costs about $50 a cansister has a shelf life of about 4 years. Spray stays good just loses some propellant after that time. Non lethal- very effective, and legal.
I feel we'll probably use it on some one's fido or on the "Banjo Pickers" that haunt the stream above Elkmont before on a bear.. PLAY IT SAFE- JUST DON'T GO UP THERE, THERE AREN'T ANY FISH UP THERE ANYWAY!!(:>)

Maybe this is a product LRO might want to carry??

Randall Sale
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