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Hey Steve,
I think that there is a possibility that you manual pentax lenses could fit on some of thier dslr though I think most of their line has dedicated lenses, but i read on thier site
Lens Mount:
- PENTAX KAF2 bayonet stainless steel mount compatible with PENTAX KAF2, KAF AND KA mount lenses
- Power zoom function, SDM function
- K-mount lenses usable with restrictions
- S-mount lenses usable with adapter and with restrictions
- 67/645 lenses usable with adapter and with restrictions

most likely if your mount will fit, you won't have any integrated TTL functions/connection but with good ol' manual aperature settings with the lens f/stops and then make adjustments in the exposure with the digital preview, sure you can make it work - I did it with a friends Nikon D70 and some old manual nikon lenses I had - worked great, hard to beat that good glass of yeasteryear...
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