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Originally Posted by RollinTide4 View Post
Im vacationing next week and going to stay in a cabin in townsend. I was just wondering if there was any good fishing in that area if so where and what type flies are being used right now?
I'll be in that area July 17th if you need guidance (I just learn from this board). As far as in Townsend, I believe there are a few spots before you get into town that are public picnic areas that you can fish from the bank or wade into from. If you are bait casting, use a rooster tail (black usually gets em or yellow). If you are fly fishing, stop in at LRO to get some flies that they reccomend. If you go up by Treemont, go early as the sun is rising and be QUIET! These trout spook easy I was told to go to the end of Treemont and go up a ways past the "Cascades" (I think it's a series of noticable waterfalls...There are lots of waterfalls in the Smokies, so these must be noticable) They say take the road up past the Treemont nature center, park in the gravel lot and go up past the cascades via taking the trail over the bridge. I have caught one Bow right next to the gravel lot, but I don't think that is the norm. I have yet to go more than a couple hundred feet past the bridge, but this time I'm going to go a mile or two. I hear the fishing is good up higher. I hope so after all that hiking! Keep in mind that my information may be innaccurate as I am new to the sport.
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