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Default 1st Bamboo Rod

So far nothing inaccurate has been posted. You will note that the majority of folks that know what they are talking about continually recommend that you attend a gathering or elsewise some method of casting LOTS of rods. Pay attention to that advice... or you could make some horrendous errors.

The following is for the GSMNP type fishing:

Rod Length... 7 - 8 ft
Line Weight .. 4 - 6 wt
Action ...... That's Your Problem
2 or 3 piece .. 3 is much easier to tote.

Recommended Source.... cast rods, DO NOT order a rod, when you find a rod that feels right, buy THAT rod. Not the promise of one that will feel just like it... buy THAT rod. In the old days you could go into a store and they would have nothing but bamboo rods. You could pick up 5 rods by the same manufacturer, reputedly the same taper, and the same size... and each one of those rods would FEEL different.

Bamboo rods are made of a natural material, by human beings, and each one is subtly different. Sometimes the difference isn't so subtle. Believe it or not you can find fantastic rods for under $500... you just have to 1) know what you're looking for, and 2) have patience. (No. 2 is the most difficult). Sometimes you can run into a young guy that is just starting out making rods, and you can buy one of his for a bargain... if it feels good what does it matter that no one has heard of the guy??

If you're close to Knoxville, check with Rich Margiotta... he's honest and he'll help if he has the time.
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