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Default Various replies!

FlyGirl-Yes, I too was redeemed three nights ago. It had been three weeks straight with no fishing! I don't think it was deserved, but I know I sure wanted to snag that pig!

Shaggy, it's of most importance that you really know that river before attempting it! Be super careful, and if you think you can manage the river try to not wear waders! If you wear waders, I'd buy one of those super boyant self inflating life jackets! The rewards of it paid dividends though!

Jeep-Ben, no secrets here brother! You know that! I've got your email, you'll be surprised at the fly! The biggest was caught on a five weight tip flex Helios (a bit stiff!!!) w/ a floating line. The other two were, some what, quickly landed on a seven wt mid flex Zero G with a rediculous 300gr sink tip! I wouldn't reccomend the 300gr to anyone!

Thanks again guys,
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