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Dan, you are right. I'll tell the story quickly.

Steve Moore, the Park Service Fisheries Crew and TU volunteers were going to electroshock the 200 meter section of Abrams Creek below the confluence of Mill Creek and Abrams. A buddy of mine and I fished the section early in the morning before the fish count was to begin. We didn't catch a thing. I told Steve, the head fisheries biologist in the Park that we shouldn't expect to find many if any trout in that section based on our fishing experience earlier that morning. We stretched the nets across the stream at the top and bottom of the sample site. By the time the day was over we had captured over 500 trout and the largest was a 29" brown. That was back when browns were living in Abrams Creek. So, I humbled myself to fisheries science and never mentioned to Steve again what I expected from a fish sampling. However Walter tells this story to every Fly Fishing Beginner Class here at LRO and Steve mentions it when we are in a group together. I guess that's one thing I said that I will never live down. There are a few others too.

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