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I fished at Lynn Camp 2 times myself. Both times I caught a lot of fish. I know that my brother and I followed you the first day we fished. I'm glad that you had fun and you caught that many fish. The people working at the tent told me that they wished more people had turned out for the fish out. They also told me that the few people who showed up to fish did not hurt the population in this stream. I feel like the fish that people caught helped the park some what. I hate to see all of those fish that are going to be killed go to waste. I know that they will go back into the ecosystem as food for the animals and such. So, I guess that the fish are not going to waste so to speak. I would like to see the park open the fish out again for a couple of weeks. Again great 2 days of fishing...

May God Bless You...

Fly Man Bill
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