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The Lynn Camp fish out was a way for the park to reduce the fish population in this stream. The park wanted people to keep the fish and to enjoy the fishing. I kept the fish that I caught.
I know some people who never keep fish in the park. They release every thing they land. That is fine if that is their wish but I feel like some of these fish will die due to stress. So if their going to die why not keep a few to eat (leagle size). I have no problem with some one who keeps fish. I think it helps the population and the over all size of the fish. I have talked to several of the park service and they all tell me that keeping fish in the park is not going to hurt the fishing or the over all population. Keeping fish is one way the park helps to control the fish population. If a person wants to keep fish he or she should not be shunned by other fisherman.
I was fishing on Little River a few years ago when I got the 3rd degree from a fellow fly fisherman about keeping a limit of fish. The way this guy was going on, a person would have thought that I shot his dog or something. He was in a red face rage and screamming. I can not tell you some of the words he used. It was pretty bad talk for a grown man. After he got done I just looked at him with this dumb look on my face. When the shock finally pasted I just smiled at him and told him to have a nice day and I left him in the creek. I did not let this person get to me. I was back in the streams fishing the next day. It is up to the person fishing to make the choice to keep fish or to release them. It is not my place or any other persons right to pass judgement on a person for keeping fish or letting them go.

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