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Maybe I am crazy but I have never been very frightened of black bears I meet away from the roads. Including she bears with cubs. I have surprised well over thirty on trails or along rivers, some within 3 feet of me. Acually both of us are usually surprised. I do not back down, but if I'm moving I keep moving, unless it is toward them. While some of these bears were wary, a few even giving me a "WUFF", none have moved toward me. A few have stood their ground, most amble or run away. Bears by roads or towns are much different. I would never get out of a vehicle when I know one is in the area. Unlike some of the idiots I see in Cades Cove chasing them with cameras. I treasure each sighting I am blessed with. Yes they are wild animals. As far as they know so am I. I do feel if I showed fear they may pick up on it. I do not carry spray and would never pack a gun. My wife is sometimes with me or in the vicinity. we hiked Elkmont shortly after the ONE AND ONLY bear attack recorded in GSM park history. She feels as I do. she carrys a small pepper spray -------- for the human animals that frequent the park not the bears. There is more to fear from them.
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