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Spent three hours on the stream running besides Middle Prong Rd last night, starting about a mile up. I take back my earlier statement - yes, there are fish, I saw one in the deep pool besides the road on a bend that must have been 20" long! There were some smaller fish that would let me walk to within a few feet of them before the scurried away. They had no interest in anything I had to offer, however, no matter how much stealth I used. The 2-4" nibblers would snatch anything I dropped on the surface almost as fast as I could put it out there, but nothing of substance took the hook.

I'm beginning to think that these waters may hold rewards for the "serious" angler willing to hike a mile up to higher elevatations, but are no good for the "casual" angler who can't commit a day to this sport. Covering just 1000' of water in almost 3 hours, I can easily see losing an entire day..

I might need to schedule my fishing time separate to family vacations..
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