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Originally Posted by Fly_Man_Bill View Post
I did not let this person get to me. I was back in the streams fishing the next day. It is up to the person fishing to make the choice to keep fish or to release them. It is not my place or any other persons right to pass judgement on a person
Bill, Great post on a lot of levels. I highlighted the section that I like the most. Its amazing how opinionated (and self-righteous) people can be without knowing all the facts. As we've discussed on the board in the past, keeping fish (within the regulations) is good for the overall population of fish in the park. Most streams in the park are at or over their carrying capacity. A huge percentage of fish will die each year from starvation. If someone wants to take a few home and eat them, more power to them.

The purpose of the fish-out was to remove as many fish as possible (including the 3-5" ones). Even if someone took the fish home and put them in their garden or fed them to their cat, they were at least put to some good use. We all need to lighten up on the C&R ethic as being the only way to fish. Granted, there are folks who abuse the regulations and they should be chastized (an fined), but those folks in the self-righteous "don't-harm-a-single-fish" group need to realize that pummeling everyone with your opinions isn't going to change another person's mind, it only makes you look foolish...


"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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