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Default Just so you know

I am 38 yrs old I HATE cats I do not drink beer I will not keep a fish less than 5" even where its legal I have been fly fishing since I could walk up the creek In the park I fish till I catch 5 fish 7" or better outside the park I fish till I catch 7 fish 5" or better I wet my hands and be easy as possible with every fish I release I sit down right where I stop fishing and clean my fish in the creek I have a wife and three boys and we all love fried trout I have to go catch my limit 4-5 times for a good fish fry so this fish out was a perfect chance to stock up some are done eat the rest are in the freezer none will be wasted Opening day I wondered how many fish I could catch in a day about 1:00 I realized that I could catch more than I wanted to carry 3-4 miles back to the truck I will remember both trips for a very long time and try if you want you cant rain on my parade sincerly caught 108
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