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I feel that you done a great job in what the park as you to do. I myself released some very small fish durning the fish out. Yes, rules are rules and people bend the rules. I guess that I broke the rules. But I'm like you I put back more fish than I take from the park. Like I stated early in a post that I feel like I do more harm when I release a fish than when I keep one. In the post that Pete Cz posted he had some very good points about over population in park streams. How would you feel about the first 5 fish a person lands would make a limit. Do you think this would help the over all size and population of the fish in the park? Also would you like to see a trophy section in the park? May be the park could make a section of Little River a trophy stream with some type of slot limit on a fish. I know my grandfather talks about the trophy section that was in the park years ago. I think it was the West Prond of the Little Pigeon. Don't hold me to that I'm not 100% sure if I'm talking about the right stream. He did show me an old photo of him holding a 20 inch rainbow that he caught above the brigde on highway 441 at park head quarters. I think he caught it in the early to mid 1970's. He also stated that he hooked the fish on a "possum hair nymph" that a man in Newport who ran a little sporting goods store tied for him. The description of the fly that my grand dad gave me is: looks like a hare's ear nymph but it is grey and has silver ribbing and turkey quills for the shell case. The fly is tied on a good size hook (#6) and is weighted that way it can get down deep where the big ones live... From what he said the fly was tied from real opossum hair. I have never seen one... Any way this is just alittle food for though. Do you know if this stream was a trophy stream or not?

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