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Default Elkmont/Road Prong 7/4/2008

Fished below Elkmont campground this AM. Couldn't ask for better weather. Water temp was 62 when I got there about 7:15ish. Fished for 2 hours and didn't get more than a half dozen bites. Decided to move and went down to the Road Prong just before the turn off to Elkmont. Caught this little beauty from underneath an overhanging tree branch in a calm pool within the first 5 minutes of fishing.

Moved downstream a bit and then caught this beauty.

I think my problem at Elkmont may have been fly choice. I was fishing a Hi-Vis Ant with a bead head nymph trailer and got most of the hits on the ant. Switched over to a Yellow Sally with a Green Weenie trailer for the Road Prong and started getting much more action. Unforunately these were the only 2 trout I caught but good quality. Saw quite a few more fish but they were spooked pretty easily. Seems that the deeper holes and deeper water are where the fish were holding. The flow at Elkmont is pretty week compared to a month ago when I fished there.

Had a couple of "friends" croaking at me while I was fishing also.

No snakes, no bears, and I got out of the water just after 11. Good thing too, some campers had decided to park in front of my truck and play in the water where I caught the brown. Seemed like a good time to call it quits. Wish I could have had a couple of more hours, would have liked to have gotten my first slam but that just gives me another excuse to go back!
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