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Sometimes it's hard to get the timing right, especially if your are fishing through different types and sizes of fish. I bet just about everyone out there has gone after the big boys, and then went up high after some brookies, and yanked the first one right out of the water.
Anyway, when I was a kid I had a bad habit of pulling the fly out of the fish's mouth, especially in calm, clear water where I could see the fish coming. My dad told me to force myself to wait, and not set the hook until I could see the fish's dorsal fin. It doesn't work for every kind of take, but if the fish are slamming dries, like you described them hitting adams'es in a pool, give it a try. Wait till you see the dorsal or the back, and then set it.
If you try this and it helps, I'm glad.
If you try this and it costs you a fish, you should have never listened to me in the first place, so its your own fault.
Life is hard. But it's a lot harder if you're stupid.
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