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Default Elkmont Report 7/5/08

I went fishing with Caught 108 at Elkmont this morning. We walked up above the old parking place where the iron gate use to be before we started fishing. We caught a few small fish in this section. After a couple of hours fishing we moved on up to the high wooden brigde that goes acroos the creek. We split up at this point. Caught 108 got in at the brigde and I moved on up the trail before I started fishing. I caught several small fish. I was a 1/2 mile from the Goshen Prong Trail when I got an uninvited geust. It was a large bear (300 lbs. plus) and he was coming down the creek right at me. I stood my grown, the bear was no more than 25 to 30 yards from me. He just walked by me like I was not there. Then he stopped and looked straight at me. I was getting a little nervous to say the lease. After about 30 seconds the big boy waded across the stream to the other side and entered the woods. I watched him and thought that he was gone but to my surprise it came back. He came back and entered the water again. I think he was trying to figure out what I was. He stood in the water and looked at me for a couple of mins. or more then he just turned around and entered the woods again. I finally got out of the creek and started to walk back down to find Caught 108 when I saw the bear again. He was on the other side of the creek walking alone with me. I would stop and he would stop. I'd walk and he would walk. I was watching him and he was looking at me. This went on for 15 mins. when finally the bear disappeared into the thick brush of the wilderness. My heart was racing as I made my way down the road toward my fishing buddie. I finally found Caught 108 and told him about my encounter. He stated " That me staying calm and not bringing attention to myself by doing something stupid kepted the bear at ease." By keeping my wits I belevie I kepted the situation from turning into some thing where I could have been injuried by the animal. It was a great encounter that I will remember for a long time.The animal never once showed any fear of me or did it move in any way that I thought was threating. I guess he was just curious. Well back to the fishing My buddy caught 20 to 25 Rainbows and I caught 15 to 18 Rainbows. I lost count. Caught 108 landed 3 nice fish in th 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 inch range. 4 were 7 to 8 inches and the rest were small. The fish that I caught a couple were 7 to 8 inches and the rest were below 7 inches. I hooked my fish on peacock body stone fly ( #6 with some weight). My buddy landed his fish on a lead wing and a prince nymph. ( #8 with some weight). We fished durning 3 hard rain showers each one lasting about 20 mins. I was glad to see it rain the streams need it. We had a fun day of fishing. If anyone gose up ther to fish watch out for the bears, and be careful and good luck...

May God Bless You.

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