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On may encounter with the bear above Elkmont I feel like I did the best thing I could do. I have seen several bears in the park and the National Forest where I hunt. This bear showed no sign of being in a bad mood. I think he was out for a walk. I have came across bears that smacked the ground or popped their jaws to let me know that I was a little to close. In this situation I backed off and gave the animal room to pass. I've also had a bear follow me to a deer stand one morning before dawn. The bear made no attempts to charge me or attack. I kept checking on him with my flashlight to see where he was. The animal finally got tired of walking behind me. It stopped turned around and walked away. I belevie this bear could not make out what I was so it followed me until the wind change and it got my scent in it's nose. I could have screamed at the animal and it might have run off. I don't know for sure. I do belevie making loud sounds such as yelling will work to make a bear run away. The worst thing you can do is run. I think if a bear notices something running away that the animal thinks it has just spooked some food and the chase is on. If you see bears in the wild just give them some room. If you feel the animal is getting to close just back away slowly and yell at it.

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