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Default Bear encounters

I think it was back in 1998 we were up on Hazel Creek in October. We had had dinner, our packs still on the ground, and were cleaning up. My buddy Ed was down in the creek washing his dishes the guys up the creek yelled to me that a bear had been in their camp and was heading our way down the creek. I walked over and yelled this to Ed, he looked upstream and saw the bear within 15 feet and coming! Needless to say he hustled up the trail to the campsite. The two guys from Ashville came down to our site, there were four of us plus them. The bear was small 150 - 200 lb and he wanted our packs. We beat on pots and pans and he ran up a tree like I would climb steps 2 at a time. He sat there a minute or two then climbed down and came back, more pot beating, and back up the tree he went. Another minute and back down he came toward us with his head wagging back and forth low to the ground. One of the guys from Ashville produced a pack of black cats and lit it with his ...... cigarette. The bear was not seen again that weekend! I usually carry m-90's now but have never felt the need to use them since that day, though I have seen several bears. Used to see them often on Sam's Creek.
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