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Originally Posted by Rog 1 View Post can be you I fish with a little Orvis one ounce, 2 wt. and have landed a 14' brown up above Elkmont and a 16" bow over on the both cases I had plenty of room to move with the fish but on several occasions I have lost big fish when I didn't have enough rod to do anything but stand my ground and watch....them the chances you take!
Wow...those are some impressive fish on light tackle. The best I've done so far on my 2wt are a couple of 10" rainbows - one from WPLP, one from Lynn Camp. The one on WPLP really gave me a fight - he was headed right for an underwater ledge, and almost made it. My kids said the 2wt was almost bent double.

I would like to target the bigger fish, but it's tough when our typical trip up there is only 2 or 3 days - I feel like we have to maximize our potential for success, so it's higher numbers of smaller fish, usually on the smaller streams. Perhaps one day, when the kids are all out of the house, I'll get to move up there full time, and I'll be able to devote the time to going after those big browns. I know it's sort of like what I've heard about musky fishing - there are a lot of days where you draw a blank.
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