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Default's time for this thread to die a natural death, but before it does, I think I need to clear some things up; looking back at my posts and yours, I think I could have expressed myself a little better - for that, I apologize. Also, as is typical in communication over the 'net, whether email, IM, or on a forum such as this, it has been my experience that a lot gets "lost in translation" because the other party isn't there, face to face. What I interpreted as sarcasm may have been off the mark.

Also, on one of my earlier replies, I referred to the mentality of a lot of fishermen down here in Southeast Louisiana; I was using that as a point of contrast to the attitude a lot of trout fishermen, particularly those who fly-fish, have in regards to keeping fish, etc...some people take the catch 'n release credo to an extreme, and think killing any trout is wrong - the point was, they are two examples on opposite ends of the spectrum. In a way, it's a bad comparison on my part, because the inshore saltwater fishery we have here is completely different from the beautiful, but infertile, Smoky Mountain streams. Anyway, the attitude the wasteful "meat hogs" we have down here was never intended to be applied to anyone on this forum, or for that matter anyone up there at all - it was just for illustration. Frankly, we probably should keep MORE fish than we do, under the normal regulations (of course) could only help the balance. I feel that I made a mistake by releasing an 8" rainbow I caught on Cosby just last week...I sort of instinctively released it, but I probably should have kept it to help the brook trout (it was fairly high up on Cosby, in what should be brookie territory).

As for my original point - following the rules...I respectfully maintain my position on that. I am also a golfer, and in golf, players are expected to call penalties on themselves, even if seemingly minor, like a ball slightly moved at address before playing. It might seem a bit anal, but I think, in circumstances like this, that the rules are important...'nuff said.

One last note - they're already starting the poisoning process? There was some confusion on just when they would be closing Lynn Camp - everything I've read online indicated sometime early in the Fall...just curious.
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