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Guys I'm truly sorry I've not been able to post the latest update on the board..MMorgan, I really appreciate the help brother! I'm thinking I may need someone else to help manage it! I'm gonna have my hands full for the next two months trying to catch up!

I'll just say that I've just finished working my 15th straight day in a row at a minimum of a 10 hour shift, I've worked two back to back 15 hour days, and I'm just plain wore out! Last night at the end of my 15 day stretch I was chased by an 80lb rotwieler for about 20'. I was running backwards trying to give the dog the benefit of the doubt, hoping he was on a short lead! Wrong, I couldn't get the ol Tazer out quick enough and ended up tripping backwards, rolling down (feet over my head kinda roll) and embankment, and yelling various obscenities at the dog and the owner! Well needless to say, the 25lbs of gear I wear around my waist and the 10lb vest I wear all got compressed into my stomach causing everything to be forced upward into my rib cage! I'm sore now, but hey at least the dog didn't get the juice and I didn't get bit! So, now that you all have had your laugh, as everyone else did, I go back to work tomorrow morning at 6 am to pick up a few more OT hours! Alright I'm off my soap box now! The moral of the story! Don't call the police unless you have your un socialized animal put up! Holy cow, I'm gonna have nightmares about that dog!

On a more serious note, I'm gonna try working on posting that in my free time tomorrow evening. I already have everyone's names on the list but for some reason I'm having a very had time getting it from text format into picture format! Rachel or MM any suggestions? I can send you all the attachment via email if you wanna try's a real bugger! I figured it out last time, barely, but I can't seem to figure it out this time! I spent about 2 hours just trying to reformat it this time! I got mad and shut the computer!

Anywho, lemme know if you can help!


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