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I was shocked to see the GSMNP brookies because they aren't anything like the brookies from the Caney. The brookies in the Caney are stocked, and they have a greenish-grey skin with white spots and white tipped fins. So yours is definitely a brown.

And Photobucket has this awesome feature just for message boards. You go into your main album, so you can see the last pictures you uploaded, and under the pictures it says has 4 different links for different ways of sending pictures such as "Email & IM, direct link, HTML code, and IMG code." IMG code is at the bottom, and when you click the yellow box to the right of the "IMG code" title it automatically highlights and copies the code, so all you have to do is come in here and press Ctrl + V to paste it in here.

And BHPTs are supposed to be fished wet, right? I have trouble seeing which needs to be floated and which need to sink.
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