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Don't apologize for the timing of the closure; there have been all sorts of dates mentioned, here and in other places...frankly, the Park Service needs to do a better job of getting that information out...I just looked at the park's web site, and there is no mention of Lynn Camp closing at all, and frankly I don't remember seeing anything about the fishout either. There is a news release about TU donating a considerable sum for the restoration on Lynn Camp, but no mention of the date. The best information on it has been on this board...we decided to stay an extra day just because of the fishout.

Congratulations on the number of fish caught, and I know for a fact that it was no bs because when I checked in with my 10, they said someone had brought in 58. That is quite an accomplishment...I was happy with what I caught - for a variety of reasons, Lynn Camp doesn't seem to match up well with my style of fishing...horses for courses, as they say. Plus, we didn't go very far up - it's hard with my girls in tow, although my oldest has gotten pretty handy with a flyrod...I could have covered a lot more water if I was alone.
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