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Default Byron

I talked with Doug Moore about it last night over dinner.....Sounds like this year it's going to be done right! With the sales reps being there alone, that should be a big improvement! Will these guys/gals being packing there own booths? I've always said Troutfest in good ol Townsend, TN should be bigger. Heck, this IS the only festival/event of it's type north of Florida, south of Michigan, and east of Arkansas!

There is just too much good fishing around East Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, North Georgia, and Kentucky!

Byron, someone else you might want to try to get is someone from Hyde and Clacka. Any Mckenzie boat manufactor's! The gent that runs South East Fly Fishing Forum is also a sales rep for Star Inflatables, he is also a member of NC FF team. It would be a short trip for him! A small personal toon vendor booth would probably do really well. Like myself, a few months ago, I didn't know what to buy or why! Inflatable toon, or fiberglass boat? Then I had 30 different models to choose from.

If you could secure Hyde or Clacka it would be something...They have officially quit coming out east. This year was the first year they didn't show over in NC for the Fly Fishing Show. At least that's what I hear....

I know you all don't sell or advertise them but, it would ultimately draw folks to the show and draw them into Townsend. Once they head through the doors of your shop and meet the LRO family it's all over!

T.E. Shular is the gent's name with Star Inflatables...Byron, I'm sure you know him!

Lastly, Byron if there is anything I can do to help....Please let me know!

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