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you are right--I have not tried any of the shorter heddon rods--the rods i have tried were the longer black beauty,middle of the road,type rods.I bought several of the black b. rods in a semi motivated attempt to collect them--that was several years ago--i sold them last year to a guy in branson missouri--made a couple of bucks--i think the point i am trying to make is that eventually 99% of those who fly fish will drift to bamboo out of curiosity if nothing else--i have seen 2 heddon rods bought off ebay--they were dogs--although they were seen as pretty nice rods because of effective picture taking--was talking to my friend bill yesterday about all this-he firmly said that heddon made several grades of rods some were kmart'ish others were world class rods--it was their marketing theory to supply bamboo rods for any price range thereby covering all fisherman,no matter how much money they were willing to spend on a rod. he is returning today with a 4wt heddon he says is as good as bamboo can get.I'll be the first to admit that I am no authority on heddon bamboo,mainly because i have purposely stayed away from them,The examples I have seen were not too good--but then they were 7wt 9ft probably bottom end rods--bill says he is bringing a book on heddon rods with prices and values--he said the have some ketchup ready to put on my words so as to give them flavor when i have to eat them-
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