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Originally Posted by buckeyetrouter View Post
that's a big variation in the jam pics.....does your new camera allow you to do bracketing? Just picked up the D80 and have started playing with the bracketing for pic variations and also the B&W capabilities (should be fun learning)....can even layer two pics with this DSLR.......

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I have the D40, and don't know about the bracketing, I am still working on the basics. Primarily how to manipulate aperture for various effects. I just use my photo editing software to make my pictures B&W. I think it loses a little pop if the camera converts to B&W. This is a fun hobby, but it can be very expensive. My wife nearly flipped out when I showed her another lens I wanted. However, I sold her on the quality of the photos we can get of our new son. So, I spend most of my time doing portrait shots of him.


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