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Default Bill!

I, like you, will be one mad lil man! Chatter as it may seem...All things indicate such a change....I did several hours of research on this topic and everything points to another change! TWRA made the 07/08' changes to make up the difference they lacked in license sales! Now, I know Bryon said at the beginning of the year that they were selling licenses like mad, but I beg wonder the question as to what we did year long and throughout the state! I'd say get ready to have the ol wallet hit! Though I thought registering a boat was the same as registering a car, a % of the vehicle's retail value, I was pleasently surprised to find that it's a fee based on the size of your vessel!

Either way get ready! PS, I've learned to take Bill's word on things he's never steered me or my father wrong and the man knows what he's talking about!

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