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Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
you are not getting picture of mine with something clean
Back when I tied for some income, for a local shop, I had a huge setup. I had a large computer desk as my main workstation, but I also had peg boards hung up all around with hooks and dubbing sorted. Since the majority of my orders were for BHPT and scuds, I had probably 2 dozen pheasant tails and 4 or 5 packs each of olive, grey, and tan dubbing for scuds. I had bead chains strung up on my desk to hang the flies from to dry after applying head cement. Then I started tying mostly brassies in 22 & 24, and I was young and stupid so I didn't use a lamp or magnifying glass. Next thing I know my eyes had paid the price, so I chose to quit tying except for myself and a couple friends. Now I always use a lamp and that handy little magnifier on my vice.


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