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Before I started tying my own flies, I had a computer set up to handle my salon books and records at home. I still have the computer and do some of my salon record keeping at home. But the ratio of business to pleasure has changed radically. I'm using a computer desk, side table, two file cabinets and an old salon utility cart for workspace and material storage but I still run out of room. To the left of the computer desk is a pair of bookcases for all my reference books and magazines.

Here's a close up of my filing system. The six-drawer cherry finished cabinet on the right was a Big Lots! special and it worked out great for flat filing fur and feathers... okay I'm done with alliteration for today!

The computer comes in handy for accessing online instruction sites and such, or playing instructional DVD's. The TV's there mostly for distraction but it also has a built-in VCR for older instructional videos. Fortunately, the house we just moved into has a spare bedroom that I commandeered, so I really can escape into my man-cave.

And at the cave entrance, the obligatory chauvinistic pig ornamentation...

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