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Default Thanks guys!

UofMontanaAlum, nope your here to stay whether you like it or not....I stole the idea from you brother! Though you may look as if you don't fish much, but that'll be alright!

Blue & NVR, thanks guys....I wish someone else knew the exact process it takes for me to get this thing on here! It quite frankly is a big ordeal.....I have to print the file as a text document, which basically all it does is save it as a rich text file....Once that is done I have to go back to the newly printed/saved file and re-save it as a image or .gif...once that's complete I have to close everything down and open it as an image file through microsoft imaging, after opening the file I then have to edit (I use this term loosely because I'm not actually editing the picturing I'm just reformatting through paint) the file through paint which requires another save point....Uggghhh, at this point it's almost complete....I save the file as final image and open it throught Picasa (a free Google product) cropping all of the unnecessary white out and then I ship it off to to get my final copy...Then it's just cutting and pasting an image link!

This is why it's always late, because I have to remember how to do all that before uploading it on here and I'm re-learning every month....So this may sound funny but I will more than likely use this as a reference next month!

Either way, I'm more than happy to do it and look forward to starting it next year, fresh with everybody on board! Fresh new start kinda deal! Now if I can just figure out how to get everyone's name in alphabetical order! MMorgan told me how you should be able to do it but for some reason it doesn't work the way I have it formatted! Oh well!

Thanks again guys!

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