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Originally Posted by WNCFLY View Post
Read this story of the women who was killed in the park a few years back. It was quite gruesome. Her husband had to watch the two bears eat her for over three hours while help was sought....

Gruesome bear attack!

Here is another list of all the fatal bear attacks in America and Canada. Its very surprising how many are black bears
America's fatal bear attacks...

The constitution says we have the right to "Keep and bare arms...but not in the park." Yeah, I don't see how it could be read any other way, but apparently they have. My other favorite is getting into trouble for having a night stick, baton etc in your car...I'm like: IT'S AN ARM! (Weapon). I'm allowed to have it...Duh! At least I'm not asking for a friggin' M60 or something..oh wait...machine guns are reserved for use by criminals because they don't care what the Supreme Court says.