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Default Three Options


1) Hike at least 2 miles up the Little River trail above Elkmont. Use a Dry/Dropper setup with a BHPT as the dropper and you should have good success. You have to be very, very stealthy. The farther up the trail you hike the better you will do. It will be hard to pass up all of the water along the way...but you will be better off if you do. There is alot of water up that way and could you fish a couple of days there, if you wanted. To get there the road through Wears Valley is a bit shorter to Elkmont (it should take about 20 mins) than driving along the LR from the "Y"...

2) Drive towards Newfound Gap. The West Prong of the Little Pigeon (WPLP) follows the road, but mostly out of sight. There are several "Quiet Walkways" along the stretch of US441 from Gatlinburg to Newfound Gap. Stop at anyone of them and the walkway will take you down to the river (usually less than 1/4 mile hike). Lots of good fishing on the WPLP, but the water has been down lately compared to the LR, so if we don't get anymore rain, you should probably stick to the LR...

3) Drive to the end of the Middle Prong Rd (aka Tremont) and hike up Lynn Camp Prong (Middle Prong Trail) at least 15-20 minutes. Again, the farther you hike, the better the fishing..

Have fun and make sure you post pictures and a report.

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