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What scares me about allowing guns in the Park is people who are not experienced handgun users or hunters. To be honest, I would rather take my chances with a bear. I have seen a fair amount of bears while hiking or fishing in the Smokies and so far they have minded their business while I have minded mine. I figure my chances of getting killed are much higher on the nation's roadways. Far more people are killed in car accidents and other means, but when a bear attacks someone it gets a lot more publicity. I'm willing to take the risk that comes with being in remote outdoors areas. Much of my work is done outdoors, and in the forest. I deal with snakes, and other hazards on a weekly basis. To me, it is a part of my work and personal life and I wouldn't have it any other way. The risk of getting seriously hurt in a remote area while alone is higher than being attacked by a bear, rattler, etc., but it's all in how people look at things.