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what is the fine for littering in the park?I actually turned a litterer in once and nothing came of it--i got their tag number--the vehicle had a Illinois license plate--Ended up being a pretty good day--capped off by a couple of my wife's awesome BLT's--I guess I should have told them,that was not the first time I have been stared down-I boxed for a year in PacAf while I was in Vietnam--when those guys put the stare on you,they meant it-that's why I guess I did not get uncomfortable or fearful-if these guys were going to do something they would have done it--getting physical with a stranger is not an easy thing to do,because you don't know what your getting into,could be you might have abit of brutal fun beating a guy up,on the other hand you might take on a former bad kid who volunteered for the Nam,a rock and roller with one foot in the grave who would assume he was about to be beat on,but who knows someone will pay because he will get one good shot,probablya right lead followed by a roundhouse left,that is,if he can still throw a combo,but I don't think these guys were serious--I think they were just drinking and wanted impress each other probably on vacation.
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