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exactly what I try to say. As much as I love the tailwater trout fishery and I do not agree with the Tellico project, but other than that I'm fine with it. TVA has to operate in order to produce power for the ever increasing demand. Yes, I'm an outsider and I have added to the demand, but like it or not if no one wanted to live here we will have to revert to the old ways. I'm not saying that is necessarily bad but you won't have the amenities and luxuries we have now. My in-laws are from eastern KY and they still live there. They still don't have the jobs and infrstructure that we have. I know some of those people like it that way but they sure have a hard time to make a living. Tobaccoo and "that other crop" is just not doing it for them anymore.

Development and such is a two edged sword but I get a little tired of so called experts who think that they have all the answers as long as everyone go along with them. Enjoy what we got and try to see the positive in TVA. I know the rate increase is going to hurt business and residents a lot but TVA has a budget and mandate to follow.

I'm sorry but I can't just sit idle when people on the one hand says, I just don't understand when someone is complaining about a coldwater fishery being destroyed and then says that TVA damaged a bunch of warmwater fisheries. Don't forget that little t was not a natural fishery either. All trout in this part of the world is exotics. Brown, Rainbow, Lake, and you name it.

Brook Trout is not even a trout. It's a char and I seriously doubt Little T supported many of those in it's lower reaches where Tellico is nowadays.
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