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Originally Posted by tennswede View Post
Brook Trout is not even a trout. It's a char and I seriously doubt Little T supported many of those in it's lower reaches where Tellico is nowadays.
The Tellico river and the Little T are completely different rivers.

Little T- or the Little Tennessee River and Tellico not the same thing.

Little T tailwater coldwater fishery is gone, Tellico river all but a short stretch is freestone and still very much viable.

ANd BTW I am being species specific, if all fisheries are being adversly affected by a min CFS rule then something needs to be adjusted to not be detrimental.

You all are very incorrect with your assessment that power demand is the sole reason for the increase in flow regimes. Please do some research on why things changed in 2005 and come back to the discussion.


Only the last wording says a word about hydro power. The rest especially min flow to keep river beds dry is politically spun. The problem this year and last is how unbelievably dry it has been and how there is little if any runoff. In a normal year none of this would be a problem, but two years back to back is having a negative impact on the resource.
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