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Default New from Grensboro, NC

I was doing some research on fishing in the Great Smokey Mtns and I ran across this website. I am probably going to be fishing the NC side in October but I would definatley like to explore the region when I am able.

I am not completely new to fly fishing but I have not wet a nymph is 12 years. Most of my experience is fishing the streams and rivers of Virginia north of Roanoke and south of Abingdon. I have not really caught that many trout but I sure had fun trying. My recent experiences fishing have been in the surf on the Outer Banks of NC. I decided to dust off the fly gear so I could broaden my fishing experiences. I am especially keen to try some water in TN and maybe try a float trip.

When I am not trying to fish I am a paramedic field supervisor in Guilford County, NC. I am married and I have a 1 year old son that I am dying to take one day.

Anyway, this looks like a nice site and hope to chat with some folks about the Smokies.

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