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You all should also keep in mind:

Clinch River enthusiasts lobbied and got the Weir Dam project approved which stabilized minimum flows, they also lobbied for the implementation of hub baffles to increase D.O.

South Holston Enthusiasts lobbied to get the weir dam built.

Hiwasee enthusiasts lobbied to have recreational releases on the weekends.

Clinch enthusiasts lobbied to get recreational releases.

Elk River enthusiasts lobbied to get a comprehensive study done of why the fishery is in peril.

Holston River/Cherokee Lake enthusiasts lobbied to increase D.O. above and below the dam by implementing an oxygen injection system.

These are just a few of the success stories that come to my pea brain in relation to enthusiasts not rolling over to TVA and speaking out when things could be done differently.

If you all want to roll over then fine, but please thank those who work their butts off behind the scenes to improve the quality of the resource. Sitting back and watching the world go by will not change anything and just for your information myself and several others have been very active over the last month or so to come to some sort of agreement to better serve every entity involved with our river systems.

Next time you get the chance to wade the Clinch during the summer on a prescribed schedule, or notice the thriving benthic life in our rivers, the consistent minimum flows maintained by proper water mgt., realize that those things did not come about from just living with what is passed down from aunt TVA.

Some of you all may know David Buxbaum most probably don't, but if you ever meet him all of you owe him a big thanks for his untiring work many years ago to improve our tailwaters to where they are now by working with TVA to find a happy medium. He lives in Atlanta now, but haunted the very waters you all love to talk about, and if it weren't for him the Jail section would be in bad shape due to low flows with no generation.

Think about this next time you wade one of coldwater rivers.
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