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No speculation on my behalf, I have been on the phone for weeks with TVA folks about all of this stuff. I think this is a great thread, I see nowhere that any personal attacks or any thing even close has happened and I think that discussing an issue which is important to a vast number of people who utilize this board is a major benefit.

Afterall fishing reports are great, but mobilizing the base to help out our resources is a much greater cause.

It is your board, and your call Paula, but in my opinion only good things can come from discussing issues which possibly can impact the future of some of our largest coldwater fisheries.

What happened this week is a tragedy to all of us, and if you close this thread it is turning everyones back to an issue which could be avoided again in the future.

Buxbaum would be proud of me and others for spearheading a movement to save our fisheries while we have a chance.
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