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I do respect your opinion and your right to one as Voltaire said. However, I am more inclined to agree with PeteCz on this issue. I do feel that you have a tendency to want to dominate with your opinion. It would be nice if you sit back and don't make so many conclusions about me or any other debater. If I had been a more senisitve guy I would have taken a deep offense to your insinuation that since I'm not from here I don't know the history. It just isolates you as a person who like the argument for arguments sake.

I am in no way trying to make anyone mad, I even began my reply with a statement to the effect of " I don't want to make this in to an argument". I just wish you could debate with not so many harsh words and less jumping to conclusions. I'm in no way upset with neither you or anyone else and If I have made anyone upset I will apologize. I know I don't know everything but I do know enough to have a conversation in most circles without looking too lost.

On your statement about fishing reports, well maybe we need to take this issues to another venue it is after a board run by a commercial enterprise for their customers. It is not a political agenda forum nor is it our private forum for our opinions.

Anyone going to Clinch tomorrow?
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