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Originally Posted by tennswede View Post

I do respect your opinion and your right to one as Voltaire said. However, I am more inclined to agree with PeteCz on this issue. I do feel that you have a tendency to want to dominate with your opinion. It would be nice if you sit back and don't make so many conclusions about me or any other debater. If I had been a more senisitve guy I would have taken a deep offense to your insinuation that since I'm not from here I don't know the history. It just isolates you as a person who like the argument for arguments sake.

I am in no way trying to make anyone mad, I even began my reply with a statement to the effect of " I don't want to make this in to an argument". I just wish you could debate with not so many harsh words and less jumping to conclusions. I'm in no way upset with neither you or anyone else and If I have made anyone upset I will apologize. I know I don't know everything but I do know enough to have a conversation in most circles without looking too lost.

On your statement about fishing reports, well maybe we need to take this issues to another venue it is after a board run by a commercial enterprise for their customers. It is not a political agenda forum nor is it our private forum for our opinions.

Anyone going to Clinch tomorrow?
I just had a differing opinion and for some reason others seemed to have taken offense to that. My opinions and views are formed from years of working, not fighting, with TVA and TWRA to better the tailwater resources.

Sure I have strong opinions but they are based on years of experience dealing with the Clinch and the politics involved with maintaining a quality fishery.

I was not making a slight at you, once again, to you being from out of town and if it came across that way then my apologies as that was not my intent. What you may or may not realize is that I helped you out countless times when you used to come into the shop and needed assistance, funny you never seemed to think I was such a bad person then.

As Paula said this is a touchy subject, and carries strong emotions and opinions with it. Having seen the river, along with tons of others, when there was no weir, D.O. levels were horrible, fishing was sub par, and everything was basically working against it, until concerned users got involved with a willing and supportive TWRA/TVA coalition I feel like I have a vested interest in the viability of the resource.

I did not and will not sit back and watch resources be exploited when alternatives are available which may not be quite as adverse to the ecology of the river. It is just that simple.

Life is too short to get even remotely ruffled about events on an internet forum. And I have yet to draw any conclusions about you or anyone else in this or any other topic. Most everyone on here I know personally even though they may not know who I am.

Fishing reports are a major aspect of this or any other fishing related forum, however what is at the heart of our universe is the health of the rivers we all love to frequent.

If we get blinded by fishing, flies, back patting, and gear major shifts can happen which will alter the quality of fishing we all enjoy to talk about in the other topics. Hard to have fishing reports if the rivers we are reporting on are no longer worthy of our time or our attention.

Cheap power is great, but at what point is enough, enough? I feel for the Hiwassee users as they have watched as their river has suffered for years and years and now has taken a serious hit. I hope things are not as bad as they seem, and we haven't suffered another significant loss to our fishery.
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