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I can say I am not well versed in the history of the TVA or all the politics - but it seems that there is always something that leaves me scratching my head about why did TVA do this or that...and while I'm all for maintaining and bettering a the quality of the waters we fish...TVA ultimately seems to me was not initally created for the enjoyment of my pastime and ultimately I'd have to yield to thier ultimate directives - maybe kicking and screaming, but yield just the same. They created it, I guess they can mess it up too...having said that - I applaud those who have come before and those who do press on to be the watchdogs of the waters which gives us some time to enjoy the resource while we have through its highs and lows - but I can't help but think though that in the end - its not truely "ours" ...sort of like renting a house - sure I can keep on the landlord about that faulty wiring or the leaky roof and he may accomodate and I'm sure to some legal aspect he'll have to, but ultimately he owns the house and its his to do whatever he has to do with it whether I benefit from it or not.
I do hope TVA/TWRA remembers us in the big sceme of things and that there will be continued groups working together for the betterment of the fishery. Personally I would like to be more active, but my job keeps me bound tight the mean time it may be a case of having improvise,adapt, and overcome...(man I love that movie) and besides as we all know, there are other waters beside tailwaters...

Wolf, I gotta say - I think there is nothing wrong with strong opinions - maybe its a case of "not what you say, but how you say it"... moreover, you consistantly mention that you know everyone to some degree even calling some them out by name yet you like to maintain your anonymity - surely you can see how that may irk a few, not so much because I know of any rate...if there are those that are interested, what effective groups do you suggest people check out if they are interested in peacefully supporting TVA/TWRA in the process of helping out the tailwaters...
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