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Originally Posted by ijsouth View Post
This is an interesting thread...I too am an out-of-towner, but I come up to the mountains several times a year to fish; I haven't partaken of any of the tailwaters yet. I noticed the subject of rates, etc came up, and I'm just curious, about how much are y'all paying for your electricity. Down here in Louisiana, I have a 1560 sq ft house, and last month paid almost $250 for electricity. Granted, our heat is brutal down here, and everything has gone up, but I'm curious nevertheless. I noticed the gasoline prices up there were the same or cheaper than here, even though 40% of this country's oil is either produced or flows through the terminal at Port Fourchon, and a big chunk of it is refined here. Of course, it's a different commodity - a lot of that extra cost is in the form of tax, and our sales taxes are high here.
ijsouth, we cool 1,800 S.F. and our electric bill was $150 last month. It's usually less. Our gas prices were $3.47/gal this morning at Weigel's.
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