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Default Fly Tying Desk

Here is a desk I built. I went to Home Depot, looked at what size wood (pine) they had, and worked within those parameters. I am not very good constructing lots of small wood drawers, so I used some rubbermaid plastic drawers and built the desk around them. Pecan stain made the pine look acceptable. Some fancy drawer pulls and then my wife helped me decoupage (spelling?) some trout around the edges. I did not use any plans, but simply built the desk surface, then the hutch, then the dividers knowing the size of the rubbermaid boxes, dubbing boxes, etc. May be a bit too fancy, but hey, I am in Ohio...when I am not in the GSMNP fishing, I have little to do here!

"Your stature as a fly fisherman isn't determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed, and, of course, without losing the faith that there's a bigger one in there." -John Gierach
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