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Originally Posted by DrewDelashmit View Post
It gives it a feel of trying too hard to be something that this sport really is not.
As a 20 something, I completely disagree with you.

Why couldn't the sport go in that direction? Or atleast a subgroup of enthusiasts within the sport? Bringing young people into a sport is a great way to progress the sport and keep it alive. I applaud what ThisIsFly, AEG Media, LOOP Tackle and a few others are doing for our sport.

To me, fly fishing is an adrenilin rush. From the moment I put my waders on, to my first fish of the day and until the waders come off my heart is beating fast. These media groups are doing an excellent job of conveying that feeling to its viewers.

I don't feel that they are trying too hard, I think they are innovative.
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