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Our fly fishing classes this year are for beginners. On the second day our students are fishing on a Smokies stream. You and your friends may be beyond what we offer right now. We may have some more advanced or Smokies focused classes in the future.

Troutfest will offer casting and fishing information from a vast spectrum of anglers and fly tyers. If you have already started fly fishing Troutfest might be best.

If you want to learn more about the Smokies techniques I would suggest you have us line you up with a guide for a day. You will get a lot out of that.

I contacted the Chinese reel manufacturers but decided not to import them right now. There is some risk. If a batch of reels came in with something wrong with them I would have no recourse except to stop doing business with the company in the future. I would also need to offer a repair and warranty service. I'm not ready to take that on right now. Maybe later though. We have some nice inexpensive reels that are imported by Ross, Temple Fork and Orvis.

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