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Originally Posted by Gerry Romer View Post

Great day!

Now... Just for kicks, go back and re-read some of your first posts on this board. You were one of the most frustrated, helpless, confused posters on tis board!

Now you're talking about having fun with rainbows and brookies on the fly and getting frustrated with the confines of a Jon boat!

As the old Virginia Slims commercial used to say, " You've come a long way, baby!"

Virginia Slims?? It's an old brand of cigarettes....
I knew what they were as soon as you said Slims. Haha thanks, I'm just really excited for my new setup. I taught myself how to tie blood knots that way I could tie on my own tippet (thank you, and thanks David ).

Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post
pig of brown. its a good story dead or alive. I Like to see the big ones go back, but sometimes that happens. My guess is that even if the hook was in its lip when it got to the boat, at one point or another, the hook had been in its gills to cause it to bleed. Great fish though

I've never fished the caney before. I probably won't for a while because it requires a decent drive for me, but what is the layout of that river like? Are we talking long slow pools, riffles, jagged rocky runs? Does it run through fields with relatively open banks, or does it have bluff borders like a lot of the watuaga does? I never get to see many pictures of the river, I'm just curious.
The Caney is one of the top rated rivers in the nation. I love it, I've fished it 16 years and have NEVER been skunked, on any either spin casting or fly fishing (only been fly fishing 4 months, mind you). We were gonna put the brown back, so we put him in the net in the water so he could breathe and he turned sideways and you could see clouds of blood pouring out.

^^^ That water is about 2-3' deep.

Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post
Great pictures and great trip. It's nice seeing three generations fishing together. Keeping the dream alive.

You've been pretty quiet lately. What have you been up to? I'm sure whatever it is, there's been some trout fishing involved.
Haha 3 generations, literally. My grandfather is Donald Carson Nichols, my dad is Jr., and I'm III (hence the name Trey).

Originally Posted by Plateau Angler View Post
Nice raft Crik Addict!

Trey, hope you have a good time today at HH. Looking forward to hearing how you do... Those brookies look like they've colored up even more than when we fished a couple of weeks ago...fall must be just around the corner!
I couldn't go today. They were gonna come wake me up at 9:00 because my buddy said he couldn't fish, so we were gonna float the river again. I woke up at 9:30 to my buddy's little sister and she said we weren't going fishing because it was gonna storm later. I was really upset...
Trey Nichols-
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