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I’ve seen fish with gills missing survive. Blood from the gills isn’t a death sentence. Keep the fish in the river, hold him under his head with one hand and by his tail with the other. Face him upstream so water can rush into his gills and move his body back and forth to release the lactic acid buildup. This may take several minutes but there is a lot of satisfaction in reviving a fish and watching it swim away.

We spend $4 a gallon drive three hours to get there. Spend tons of money on equipment, boats, license, food, etc, etc, and then remove the very thing that moved us to spend all that money for a shot at it. I just don’t understand.
I can’t help but think that some day we will all look at pics like this and say I remember when the caney was the best river in the nation..... I'm not picking on anyone here, its just that I've seen so many of this size fish leave the Caney this year it makes me sick to my stomach. It's only about 8 miles of river. How many Trout over 20” do people think there are?

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