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As you can see Charlie has really summed up everything very well. Also I spent most of that day rigging ways to transport stuff down to the bottom of the Cascades. This was a lot of fun for me, I was able to use skilles I learned years ago in rigging. (Note: This was the first time I have used them outside of school) I was unable to return today, but I will be there tomarrow I have a few pics (to busy to take many) and I will get more tomarrow and I will post them for you all to see. In total agreement with Charlie this was a great group of people to work with and they kept us total informed and updated on the entire project (Lynn Camp) I will also post tomarrow night as to the capture of THE BEAR. This was well worth the sore, tired bodies and I would recommend anytime you have a chance to work with the GSMNP guys do it.
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