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Tuesday was a great day to be helping out on Lynn Camp. The weather was great. It did start later than expected (10:30) rather than 8 am. which allowed me to wet a line for a few minutes. 3 rainbows came to hand in about 30 min.
But none the less we were on our way. The majority of the day was similar to Monday's group with shocking and transporting fish to Thunderhead. Dan and I netted and transported rainbows and black nose dace before we called it a day. We did manage to net a few rainbows that were a healthy 10+ inches and the farther up Lynn Camp the brighter the colors.
Following the young guys shocking the water was interesting because all the fish would be jumping out of the water trying to get away before they went to sleep for a few minutes.

I was also able to help take a stream flow (CFS) of Mark's creek. It seems that the rain from the previous day was still posing a threat to the predetermined levels of antimyacin (sp) needed to properly treat. I was in charge of recording the data. Brad the parks service guy did the math thankfully.
We were also repairing the traps that the bear had destroyed from the day before. It seems like he was a curious little bear. He had ripped the seats off the parks 6X6 ATV and bit into the other ATV's seat.

Once we were around mark 11B we started to see the green tint in the water from the treatment. We had all the fish we needed and it completed our day around 5 pm.

Dan and I had a nice conversation with one park service guy from Bozeman MT. He was helping out some of the local parks service as a returned favor. Wednesday should be an interesting day once the antimyacin is in the water with the dye to make it green. The antidote below the falls makes the water purple. He said it is funny to be on the trail and see the right side as green water and than an immediate change to purple.
Imagine what people will think that don't know what's going on upstream?

All in all it was a very informative day and a great work out.

Another side note:
Remember to bring someone fishing or hunting with you next time your out.
The parks department and employees are fully funded by our purchasing of license and hunting/fishing supplies. When the number of sportsmen drops off, so does their opperating budget. These men and women work long hard days to keep our park looking as great as it does, and it is a great way to show them we appreciate it.
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